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Providing family meals since 2020

In early 2020, at the start of the pandemic, Pete began to receive calls from friends of friends who relied on the restaurant industry for their nightly meals but no longer had that luxury available to them. These eventual clients knew Pete liked to cook and also had a passion for health and wellness after losing 80 lbs. on his own through diet. ​One client led to the next and so on, until Pete found himself providing meals for families, couples and private home events. 


His training includes years as a sous chef in Washington D.C.'s prestigious restaurant scene, making it pretty far in the audition process for MasterChef, and learning from some of the best home cooks he knows -- his mother and stepmother.

What started as a way to stay home with his children while his wife worked as a nurse during the COVID-19 Pandemic has turned into a career that brings Pete happiness and helps the lives of others to be a little less hectic and a lot more delicious. 

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